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Everyone knows dinosaurs are the best thing to have ever extincted... I mean existed...

This being said, I would like to announce that we are giving away two awesome minions! We will be hosting a competition to determine who wins the mounts.

Requirements - 

Comment on this article with an original (created by you) haiku about dinosaurs. Reminder -> Haikus are three lines. These lines have the following format; five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables.


Dinosaurs are great
Dinosaurs are beautiful
This dino is mine!

Judging - 

The council will be picking the top two favorites, and the rewards for these two individuals will be as follows;

First Place -  Baby Brachiosaurus

Second Place -  Baby Raptor

Consolation Prize -  Dust Bunny Minion AND  Wide Eyed Fawn Minion


Submissions will be accepted from the time in which this post is created to July 15th 11:59 PM (Central).

Haikus will be judged and rewards will be distributed on July 16th.

*Officers may participate, but cannot win.