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Talon Knight
From what I dug up most are speculating QoL and unlocks on Rabanastre gear locks. Im mostly thinking since Rival wings just dropped that its going to be pvp buffs and nerfs.
December 10 2017, 06:45 PM
Talon Knight
We have a new patch coming tomorrow night so Im wondering if this will be Eureka or if it is just another QoL. Time will tell I will research into this.
December 10 2017, 06:40 PM
Dante Sanctus
this is a test comment for news!
December 03 2017, 07:44 PM

Hello all!

We have recieved info about Eureka and FC submarines for the workshop! We will need our crafters and gatherers to be ready for this as there is also speculation about the Submarines being used to gain entrance into Eureka! 

Eureka will be released closer to 4.2 along with the Submarines. This will be used for the Relic armor! The relic armor much like zodiac weapons and Anima weapons, will be grinded and leveled up using quests and Eureka itself! We don't have much information regarding the relic armor and what slots it will take up at this moment, and will update you all as soon as we hear more.

This is aimed towards players in Stormblood however to the newer players fear not! We will continue to help you grow in this game and help you whenever you are in the story or if you are needing a Dungeon! We hope to move forward as a whole! 

Thank you all,

Talon Knight